Pittsburgh International Airport


Your Bridge To New Customer Opportunity

Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) provides a customizable logistics solution with unparalleled reliability to their customers and a customizable alternative cargo gateway. Customers can feel confident choosing PIT’s efficient cargo service thanks to the economic strength, partnership mentality, and geographic advantage of the Pittsburgh region.

Pittsburgh has a proven track record of sustainably supporting new route investment in the region by partnering airlines and forwarders with new customers.

Year-Round International Freighter
  • LUX on Qatar Airways Cargo
Year-Round Domestic Integrators
  • MEM, IND and UNV on FedEx
  • SDF and PHL on UPS
Year-Round Wide-body Belly Capacity
  • LHR on British Airways
    • Begins April 2019
Seasonal Wide-body Belly Capacity
  • FRA on Condor
    • June-September

Extending Your Reach

With a uniquely engaged cargo community, lower costs, greater opportunity and a prime geographic location, our entire region is ready to support your needs and advance your business.

  • Within a day’s truck drive of Pittsburgh, 45% of the Canadian and U.S. population is accessible
  • Halfway between Chicago and New York, with direct interstate access, PIT offers customers, suppliers, distributors and logistics operations a unique ability to reach over 120 million people within 500 miles of the airport

Efficient Solutions

Pittsburgh is in the midst of a resurgence and enjoys a strong economy fueled by the industries of the future, so operators can choose PIT with confidence.

  • Customizable operation options designed to save both time and money in the supply chain
  • European route options available six days a week, year-round starting in April 2019
  • PIT offers an uncongested and reliable option to move freight to and from North America
  • Through the interstate road network, flexible operations, and the reduced congestion both on and off the airport, cargo operators have reduced their overall transit time from the departure airport to the final distribution center

Success Starts With PIT Cargo

Airlines are already enjoying the benefits of PIT cargo service, including Qatar Airways, FedEx and UPS as well as passenger airlines such as Condor Airlines and British Airways beginning in 2019. Pittsburgh is home to multiple major shippers and manufacturers that are helping to support new air cargo service.

Multiple handlers available, low landing fees and shorter taxi times for reduced fuel consumption
Warehouse space with direct airside access and adjacent interstate highway


For more information on how you can partner with PIT to benefit your business, contact Bryan Dietz, Vice President, Air Service Development.

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