Pittsburgh International Airport

Safety and Compliance

Through our public-private partnership, the Allegheny County Airport Authority and CONSOL Energy are making every effort to work with local municipalities to ensure the safety of and reduce the impact of the oil and gas development project at PIT on residents. Protecting land, water and communities is our highest priority. We share the public's expectation that the energy we need will be produced safely. 

We have an unwavering focus on core values of  safety and compliance, which drive results across all of CONSOL Energy’s operations and allow the company to protect its employees, contractors, neighbors AND the environment. CONSOL Energy’s Gas Division employees have operated since 1994 without an exception and more recently, in September 2013, CONSOL Energy’s West Virginia Gas Operations’ contractors were honored at West Virginia University for recording one million exposure hours without a lost-time accident from July 17, 2012 to July 31, 2013. This is the first time a Marcellus or Utica division of CONSOL Energy’s contractor workforce has reached this milestone. More than 80 contract service companies contributed to the one-million hour accomplishment.

While CONSOL ENERGY works diligently every day to prevent incidents, we also prepare for the unexpected. We work to minimize impacts by responding quickly and effectively to any situation. We develop emergency action plans and maintain our response capabilities by training our people and conducting safety exercises in the field. 

Wherever we operate, we work closely with local governments, respect our neighbors and invest in the community.

Just as CONSOL Energy does in other areas of its operational footprint, the company and ACAA will partner with local emergency response agencies in the townships around PIT to ensure good communication, coordination, and preparedness.

CONSOL Energy has been working with Findlay Township Water Authority who, with support from Moon and Robinson townships, will supply the water required for completion operations at Pittsburgh International Airport. This will result in significant additional income for the townships and is consistent with our commitment to partner with and reinvest in the communities where we operate. It will also reduce truck traffic into and out of the airport property.