Pittsburgh International Airport

Air Carriers

Airport Related Business

Pittsburgh International Airport provides a variety of services through our air carriers. For more information on any specific air carrier services, please refer to the contact list below.

For Information on Shipping or Picking up Pets,
contact (412) 472-9090

Airport Contact List:

Bryan Dietz
Vice President, Air Service Development

(412) 472-3503

FTZ (Foreign Trade Zone) (412) 472-3530 development@flypittsburgh.com


(412) 472-0808  
Cargo Handlers / Ground Handling / Fuel Systems Operators:
Aircraft Services Int´l (ASIG) (FTZ jet fuel handler) (412) 472-5077 x611
Atlantic Aviation (412) 472-6700
Worldwide Flight Services (412) 472-9090
Information for Shipping / Picking up Pets:
American Airlines (800) 227-4622
Air Canada (800) 722-6232
Delta Airlines (888) 736-3738
United Airlines (800) 575-3335
(Southwest and JetBlue do not accept live animals shipped as cargo.)