Pittsburgh International Airport

Bradford, PA

Bridging the Distance to Your Next Destination

Get one stop closer to your next destination when you fly Southern Airways from Bradford Regional Airport to Pittsburgh International Airport. With the PIT Connector, you can fly from your local airport, connect to Pittsburgh International Airport and then continue on to your choice of destinations throughout the United States, Europe, Canada and the Caribbean. Southern Airways’ interline agreements with American Airlines and Condor Airlines makes connecting to your next flight easy.

Bradford Regional Airport is located in Lafayette Township and offers service to both Pennsylvania and New York.

Short term rental vehicles are available by calling 1-877-549-7225 or text 814-817-2906 for rental reservations. Rentals are also available through Enterprise.

Location: 212 Airport Rd, Lewis Run, PA 16738

How to Buy Tickets

There are multiple ways to buy your airline tickets. Choose the one that is most convenient for you. When searching for flights, remember to look for flight times for all necessary airlines prior to booking. This step will ensure that there is flight availability for the PIT Connector and your second flight, and that you have ample time at Pittsburgh International Airport to make your connecting flight. If you will be checking a bag, it is recommended that you allow 90 minutes between your flights. If you will not check a bag, 60 minutes is recommended.

Enjoy free parking, inexpensive daily flight options and short security wait times.


If you are connecting from Bradford to Pittsburgh, you can book directly at iflysouthern.com.

If you are traveling to another destination, take advantage of Southern’s interline agreement with American Airlines, using Pittsburgh as a connecting city.

The American Airlines interline is available at AA.com or by calling the American Airlines call center at 1-800-433-7300 or Southern Airways call center at 1-800-329-0485.

If you are flying on another airline other than American, you must book two separate tickets on the airline.

View route map here.

If you are traveling to Europe, take advantage of Southern’s interline agreement with Condor, using Pittsburgh as a connecting city. To book, call the Southern Airways call center at 1-800-329-0485.

If you’d prefer to use a travel website to book your flights, that is also an option.

To take advantage of Southern’s interline agreement with American Airlines, enter your city as the origin and your final destination.

If you are flying on an airline other than American, search and book your ticket from your regional airport to Pittsburgh International Airport. Then, repeat the process from Pittsburgh International Airport to the final destination of your choice. Do not search from your regional airport straight to your final destination to help ensure you receive your preferred schedule.

Please remember to check the departure and arrival times and dates of both flights prior to booking to ensure ample time between flights.

Call your local travel agent and the agent will take care of the booking process for you.

What to Expect on Your Travel Day

Once you depart from your regional airport, you will land at Pittsburgh International Airport.

If your flight is booked through American Airlines or Condor Airlines under a single reservation, your checked bags will be transferred automatically to your next flight.

If not,

  1. Deboard the plane and follow signage to baggage claim.
  2. Take the automated People Mover train to retrieve your bag from the baggage claim area on the first floor of the Landside Terminal.
  3. Take the elevator or escalator to the third floor and recheck your bag with the appropriate airline for your next flight.
  4. Follow signage to security and go back through the security checkpoint.
  5. Once you are back in the airside terminal, enjoy the many amenities of Pittsburgh International Airport as you wait for your next flight.

Please Note: This baggage recheck will need to be repeated on your return flight.

  1. You will land at gate B41. All terminals will be easily accessible from where you land.
  2. Deboard the plane and enjoy the many amenities of Pittsburgh International Airport. From shops to restaurants, you will have plenty to do as you wait for your second flight.

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