Pittsburgh International Airport

Art in the Airport

Pittsburgh International Airport’s Art in the Airport program is dedicated to showcasing a dynamic array of work produced by local, regional, national, and international artists.  The current interior exhibition spaces are designated for local and regional artists, and provide a sample of the Pittsburgh Arts community within the airport. Additionally, Pittsburgh International features sculpture and installation work by renowned national and regional artists. The program is part of the airport's commitment to creating a sense of place by connecting to the region it serves through offerings unique to Pittsburgh, including art, culture, cuisine, individuals and institutions.
Currently on Display
Gavin Benjamin   48803278043_ac635355e1_k.jpg Ticketing Level
Associated Artists of Pittsburgh    48803620996_b8cdd35ce0_k.jpg Transit Level  
Reba Harmon 48826597473_cb86523df5_k.jpg      Concourse C     
Baggage Claim Sculptural Walk 
Dee Briggs                                         Ticketing-(4).jpg
DW Martin                                                   Transit-(2).jpg
Linda Van Gehuchten Concourse-C-(2).JPG
Michael Neumann and Shohei Katayama 46185638344_dc5b4b1e89_k.jpg
Gillian Christy 33927563088_194d6578cf_k.jpg
Gate Area Artists 
A11                   Brenda Stumpf
A16                                                   Ramon Riley
A19 Oreen Coheen
A20  Sandy Kessler Kaminski
B27  Nicole Renee Ryan
B31  Dave Klug
C51  Liz Beatty
C53  Jim Vecchi
D77  Bruce Klein
D86  Patrick Schmidt

Transit Wall Murals
Photo Antiquities Museum of Photographic History

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Upcoming Art Installations:
Rose Clancy
Njaimeh Njie
Union Project

Stay tuned for images of our upcoming Wayfinding Mural, to be completed spring of 2019!

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