Pittsburgh International Airport


Frequently Asked Questions

More than 8 million travelers utilize the Pittsburgh International Airport each year. The following are answers to some of the questions travelers frequently ask.

  • How early should I arrive for my flight? 

    We suggest that you arrive at least 90 minutes before a domestic flight and 2 hours before an international flight. Also check the security line here

  • What items can I bring through the security line? 

    For a list of prohibited as well as permitted items click here

  • What are the different types of parking? 

    Short Term - Closest parking to building, enter the landside terminal on the transit level, daily as well as hourly rates, most expensive parking
    Long Term - Easy access to moving walkway, daily as well as hourly rates, cheaper than short term parking
    Extended - No hourly rates only daily, around the clock free shuttle service to the landside building. For price as well as more information click here.

  • Am I able to use curbside check-in?

    Curbside check-in is a service provided by the airline. Currently, Southwest and Delta offer curbside check-in. American offers curbside check-in on the public departures curb only.

  • Can I escort a person with special needs to their flight? 

    This would require a Gate Pass. Airlines are the only people that are permitted to issue these. Please contact your airline for information. 

  • What can I do while waiting for my flight? 

    Feel free to take advantage of our AIRMALL. The AIRMALL features many nationally known stores and offers many amenities. Click here for information on the AIRMALL

  • Where can I smoke? 

    Pittsburgh International Airport is a smoke free airport. Smoking is not permitted anywhere INSIDE the landside or airside terminals. Smoking OUTSIDE is permitted at the far north and south ends of the landside terminal on Baggage Claim and Ticketing levels.

  • Where can I get a taxi? 

    Ground Transportation is provided on the Landside Terminal outside of Baggage Claim (Door #6).

    Click here for transportation (taxi, ride sharing, limo, charter bus) information.

  • How do I acquire a passport?

    For information on passports and how to apply for a passport, click here.