Pittsburgh International Airport

myPITpass FAQs

Everything you need to know to obtain myPITpass for Airside Terminal access

Questions about new public Airside access? Please read below.

  • How do I get Airside access?

    1. Check in on 3rd flr Ticketing Level across from Allegiant ticket counter.
    2. Show valid government-issued photo ID (Driver's License or Passport).
    3. Receive stamped myPITpass.
    4. Proceed through Alternate security checkpoint observing all TSA rules.
  • What hours can I access the Airside Terminal?

    myPITpasses will be issued:
    Monday - Friday
    9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    *Additional hours/weekends may be added in coming weeks. Priority in the checkpoint line will be given to ticketed passengers catching flights. Issuance of passes may be suspended during these times.

  • What items can I bring with me?

    Those receiving a myPITpass for Airside access are subject to the same security screening regulations as passengers boarding a plane, and may only bring ONE personal item such as a purse, briefcase or laptop computer through the security screening checkpoint. All prohibited items for carry-on-luggage, including liquids, apply to personal items taken to the Airside Terminal. Please review list of TSA prohibited items here.

  • Are children required to have ID?

    Children 17 and younger can receive a myPITpass for Airside access without an ID, but must be accompanied by a supervising adult.

  • Can I use TSA PreCheck with myPITpass?

    No. Even if you have the designation for air travel, those receiving the myPITpass are NOT eligible to pass through TSA PreCheck lines.

  • What happens when security checkpoint lines are long?

    Ticketed passengers will be given first priority to board their flights. Those receiving the myPITpass may be asked to wait to enter the checkpoint, or the issuance of passes maybe suspended during peak travel times or under special circumstances. Passes are NOT guaranteed for the public.

  • What happens to myPITpass when I leave the airport?

    Upon exiting, we ask that you return the paper myPITpasses to one of two mailboxes located on either side of the trains before the down escalators to Baggage Claim.

  • Will airlines still issue gate passes?

    Yes. Airlines will continue to issue gate passes in accordance with their policies and procedures.