Pittsburgh International Airport

Public Transportation

Port Authority of Allegheny County is pleased to offer service to Pittsburgh International Airport via the West Busway (28X Airport Flyer). The route runs to and from Pittsburgh International Airport, Downtown Pittsburgh and Oakland approximately every 30 minutes.
Port Authority:    (412) 442-2000
Route:  28X Airport Flyer via West Busway


Serves:   Pittsburgh International Airport
 Robinson Town Centre
 Bell Station, Carnegie
 Downtown Pittsburgh
 Duquesne University
 Carnegie Mellon University
Departs: Approximately every 30 minutes outside of Door 6,  Baggage Claim
Rates: Effective, Jan. 1, 2017, with a ConnectCard or ConnectTix, Port Authority 28X bus riders will pay a discounted fare of $2.50 per ride (regardless of the distance traveled). Customers paying cash will be charged $2.75 at the farebox. ConnectCards can be purchased in Baggage Claim, next to Door 6, where the 28X bus picks up passengers to Downtown Pittsburgh.
ADA: All 28X vehicles are wheelchair accessible