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  • Colorful Collaboration

    Artist Hiromi Katayama and local high school students install a new exhibit on Ticketing Level; More Art in the Airport coming soon
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  • Building Bridges

    On August 3, Pittsburgh welcomed the region's first-ever nonstop flight from Shanghai, China. 
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  • Movie Theater in an Airport? Been there, done that

    A few in the States, more in Asia, but PIT's was first
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  • New Military Lounge Provides Support, Connections

    Airport officially opens larger, better-equipped refuge for military personnel, veterans and families
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  • Parking Upgrades on the Way for Passengers; Some Rates Expected to Rise Next Month

    Technology improvements could include displays of wait times and a new app
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  • Airport Eateries to Donate Excess Food to Non-profits

    Airport and its concessionaires step up to reduce food waste and feed ‘our neighbors’
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  • Undeveloped Land Near Airport Readies for Prime Time

    Board approves phase 1 site prep work for future retail, commercial or office space
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  • Coming Soon: New Airport Retailers with a Local Touch, and FINALLY, a Shoeshine!

    Shorter-term leases expected to generate additional revenue, more variety for travelers
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  • Love in Baggage Claim

    A tale of two servicemembers, three juggling balls and a hidden engagement ring
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  • The Airfield and Its Dam Protections (Funny, no?)

    We’re getting the side effects of Hurricane Florence, but two dams keep our runways from flooding.
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