Pittsburgh International Airport




“All good things must end.”

That’s what Innovative Electronic Designs (IED) wrote in a letter to clients, including Pittsburgh International, announcing the discontinuation of one of its paging devices, the IED 500 Announcement Control system.

Essentially, IED explained that it would no longer be carrying parts to support the maintenance of the system, which has been in operation since the airport’s opening in 1992.

Imagine travelers and airport employees not being able to hear boarding calls and other important announcements in the terminal.

“It became apparent that the system was in need of some much-needed maintenance, well beyond day-to-day adjustments,” said airport electronics technician Michael Czajkowski. “After discussing it with our supervisor, we set about determining how the paging stations could be rebuilt.”

 The team, composed of Michael and fellow technician Don Horne, had to design special apparatuses that could check for bad parts on the paging devices. First, the pair replaced some system components. Then, by using the testing “jigs” designed in-house, Michael and Don were able to identify and replace the malfunctioning parts, saving the airport a significant amount of money.

Now, the improved paging system is working and sounding better than it has in years.  

“These two gentlemen took this task upon themselves and in doing so have maintained our strategic priorities of operational excellence, cost competitiveness and customer service to the fullest,” said Greg Kemerer, manager, Facilities Maintenance.

Along with maintaining things like paging devices, the electronics shop works to keep other systems around the airport running smoothly, while also ensuring safety and efficiency.